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Salesdrive is your all-in-one sales cycle management platform that supercharges your sales efforts. 

From individual agents to brokers, Bancassurance, and online/offline direct sales, Salesdrive harnesses cutting-edge technology and the magic of Artificial Intelligence to boost your sales across every major distribution channel.

Drive your sales forward with Salesdrive.

Recon Drive

Recon Drive is your ultimate reconciliation management system, built on advanced Serverless architecture. It simplifies and automates reconciliation processes, ensuring minimal manual intervention. 

Perfect for insurers, banks, financial services, e-commerce, and more, Recon Drive streamlines reconciliation tasks across the board.

Embrace the future of reconciliation with Recon Drive.


Wrapdrive is a micro front-ending master app that incorporates, displays, and simplifies the management of all your enterprise apps in one central platform, creating a unified technology ecosystem.

With it, you can effortlessly manage apps for diverse functions like lead management, HR, and customer relationship management.

Experience the power of a unified technology ecosystem with Wrapdrive.

Claims Drive

Claims Drive is an end-to-end claims management system designed for insurers. With it, you can optimize your claims operations, providing a faster and more efficient service to your customers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Get ready to streamline your processes, reduce costs, mitigate fraud risks, and enhance  customer experience.

Join the future of claims management with Claims Drive.

iNXT Insurance Broker Software

iNXT Insurance Broker Software helps brokers streamline client services, the broking process, and claims submission while enhancing financial compliance. 

Our software covers various insurance products like Motor, Health, Property, Engineering, Travel, Home, and Life Insurance. 

It also offers robust support for additional sales channels, including Point of Sales, Agents, Call Centers, and Direct Employees.

Our Services

iorta TechNXT brings to you a range of solutions and products that are customer-centric and offer the perfect blend of technology and integration, enabling institutions to move to cloud platforms and accelerate their business growth.

Innovate, create solutions, and take them to the market faster while creating a competitive advantage.

Enterprise Application Development

Custom applications that smoothly integrate with your enterprise systems, employing microservices for fast deployment with minimal disruptions.

Cloud Deployment

Seamlessly integrate multi-cloud environments with a unified platform and swiftly deploy application workloads across on-premises and off-premises environments.

DevOps - AWS

Accelerate app development with iorta and AWS, removing silos, implementing CI/CD workflows, and swiftly introducing new capabilities to market.

Serverless – App Dev, API, CI/CD AWS

Utilizing the cloud as the innovation catalyst in collaboration with advanced technological capabilities to offer higher levels of customer experiences.

Sales Process Management

End-to-end sales management solutions, covering lead management, sales pitches, lead conversion, customer retention, and relationship building, among others.

Technology Consulting

From hardware to software and everything in between, we help bring your ideas to life and help redefine your business to ensure it is future-ready.

Digitization Workshop

We orchestrate collaborative sessions with stakeholders to visualize the next wave of digital transformation.

Adoption and Training

We design concerted efforts to drive process adoption among teams of all sizes and capabilities.

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